Meet Iggy Biggy Buggy!
The new bug in town!
A sweet fable as well as a playful picture book for pre and beginning
Iggy Biggy Buggy™:One Sunny Day by new children’s author
and illustrator Stayci J. Mallozzi is a winning tale about a charismatic
caterpillar who learns that missing school isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
and that learning alongside his classmate friends is not to be missed.

One sunny day, Iggy Biggy Buggy stays home from school. Instead of
heading to class with the rest of his friends, he rides his new blue bike,
jumps on his trampoline, and writes his name in the sand. It seems like a
lot of fun; that is, until Iggy Biggy Buggy realizes he’s all alone and he
comes to understand there’s nothing better than having a fun-filled
adventurous day counting, reading, writing, and being with his friends in
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